Tinder dating is an application that, thanks to geolocation technology, allows you to get in touch with people of the opposite sex present around you.

Tinder dating site helps you find new people to meet near you by showing only their profile photos, their nickname and age.  And you can swipe right if you like the person or swipe left if you want to skip them.  If you both like each other, you can begin to exchange messages … that can lead to a date.

The principle is a kind of speed dating online, based on the appearance. Tinder is completely free to use but it has some premium features that you can purchase from the app. since March 2015, there is a free version, which allows a limited number of “likes” per day. And the premium application offers two additional features since then: Passport, which allows you to locate you anywhere in the world – before, you were stuck by in your city, which frustrated some people who used this app – and Swipe, which lets you undo your last like – in case you regret!

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Tinder site: How it works?

The application shows you in fact only opposite sex profiles nearby your location, a radius that can be set between 2 and 161 km. The application can only be used on smartphones or tablets (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).

Once downloaded (free), you will need to login using your Facebook account. Yes it is mandatory, and no, you can not connect to it otherwise. Then profiles women appear on screen, then you will “swiper” to the right if the profile please, or to the left if you are not experiencing interest. If the profile you like you like in return, then this is a game, and you can start chatting with your target.

On 1 March 2015 arrived Tinder Plus, the new version of the application, adding pay premium features. Farewell all free, you will now put their hands in the pocket if you want to enjoy the application in its entirety. Fortunately, there is always the possibility of free use limited extent (50 likes per day) and it is widely enough to make (very) beautiful meetings. For more information on the differences between the free version and the paid version, please read our article Tinder Plus: dredger application # 1 gets paid!.

Tinder has more than 10 million active daily users! And since the application was further developed. You can imagine, this is a package of potential women to meet, and this is what makes the quality of Tinder.

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Types Of People You Meet On Tinder Dating:

What I like with Tinder is that there really is everything. The brainless bimbo to the sexy lawyer, through the college student, there is something for everyone. What I like most is the quality of women (physically I mean eh!) Present on the application. Keep in mind that although the application seems to be made for quick meetings, the majority of women are not looking for a sex in which a story without a future.

There are of course, but there are many other profiles, one that seeks true love to that search unpretentious relationship, through those who seek nothing special. There are also many who are only there to test their popularity ratings, to flee, you often reach with not much and you’ll lose precious time.
Pictures: the decisive factor

We will not lie, your pictures are the key element of your profile. Without appealing and attractive photos, you can forget any chance to match and thus socializing. This led Tinder was developed. In an interview, one of the two founders stated that the pictures were the basic principle of Tinder. Here, no list Prévert to fill, they laugh royally you are smoking or non, alcoholic, red, brown, you’ve studied …

The basic premise of Tinder is there is first a physical attraction and only then an attraction on personality. So understand that if your photos are not attractive, you may well have written the best and funniest tinder description of the world, you may not have a lot of success on tinder. Fortunately, it is not necessary to be a hunk to collect games.

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How to use Tinder to get more dates:

Your first message must prevail and be original!

Your profile photo, understanding that the one should impose. Indeed, there are so many profiles to view many of the women base their like on the first picture without even viewing the other, much less on your description.

But what is a photo that imposes? There is no universal definition, but here are some tips that will help you select and / or get a good picture of you. On your first photo, it is essential that you clearly distinguish your face and, ideally, you should smile! Forget about blurry pictures or zoomed in on a part of your face (it gives the impression that you have something to hide). Also avoid group photos as a first image, no one wants to look or guess where you are.

You can add a little more to your photo by selecting a representative will be in an atypical or unusual place. Personally, I like to put photos when I travel, it communicates directly my interest in something. For example, a photo in front of Ayers Rock or Bryce Canyon … The landscape in the background can bring a real plus to your photo. If you do not travel, there is necessarily beautiful corners in your area before whom you can ask.

To summarize, your first photo must show your face to be of excellent quality and where possible original. Smile while having an open and accessible attitude.

For example, here, left a good first picture (before an unusual place that would be even better!) And, right, wrong.

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Choose your Tinder dating profile photos wisely:

In my experience, the ideal number of photos to put on your profile is 3, maximum 4. Below, you do not show enough and it may seem suspect because everyone has hundreds of pictures itself and, Beyond that, you show too much and will lose some of your mystery, or increase your chances of showing a detail of you who do not like necessarily.

My pictures are always organized in the same way. I change them from time to time to bring freshness to my profile, but now this is what I have. First picture 3/4 profile, big smile, blue sky, before an emblematic place in South America. Second photo taken a little further from the front, before a stunning monument in North America.

Third picture where one fairly distinguishes me but in a rather perilous situation in skiing, one of my great passion. With these three photos, I communicate directly my interest in traveling and skiing. I clearly indicated my lifestyle. Sometimes I add a fourth group photo, where you can see me well surrounded evening. That is the social aspect;). However, attention to group photos, they can also serve you, if you Convey that you and your friends are immature and spend your evenings drinking canned …

To sum up, do not put too many pictures but sufficiently, contact your passions and smile! Your photos should convey that:

  • You are someone active in life, you have passions
  • You are social, have friends and know fun
  • You are affordable, fun and smiling
  • Let us not hide, you’re doing financially (please, do not put off your BMW!)

Photos that you should avoid at all costs:

Do not post either pictures of you child, blurry, dark … Similarly, avoid photos like adventurer (shorts, t-shirt and backpack) or like “I fart” shirtless and surrounded by 5 beautiful women … Few women like men who appear as a lady-killer … If you are one, do not show it.

What to put in your Tinder description?

Even if your photos are 85-95% of the work on Tinder, that’s not a reason to neglect your description. It is far from the capital and you can perfectly do well on the app without a proper description. but it definitely brings a little more to your profile to those who take the time to read it.

Avoid quotes, it serves no purpose except to demonstrate that you totally miss imagination. Rather prefer a short sentence or two, original, intriguing or better fun.

I would also like to stress an important point: your spelling! Do not overlook it and write your description in impeccable English. Avoid abbreviations, punctuation mark, conjugate verbs your short, write in English! You can not imagine how much it can hurt your image botch your writing style. And please, put your real name .

Tinder dating site VS Regular dating websites:

A dating site, you must register. With Tinder, you click “download”. And boom.

A dating site, fill full info, upload photos, etc. Inaccessible to a good third of the population. With Tinder, no. He draws alone in your Facebook profile. After you have authorized it. But you will allow it, because otherwise it is useless.

  • A dating site a little interesting, you have to pay. Tinder, it’s free.
  • A dating site is like an apartment search, requires bumping along profiles scroll and zoom on pictures often too small and not necessarily well framed. With
  • Tinder, people know (more) measured at first glance, the photo is displayed in large and simply drag it to the left or right for the liker or disliker. The profile, the announcement, interests? Anecdotal, I doubt that anyone even read them.
  • A dating site, it is (still) the risk of the affront of the rake. Mitigated by the screen, of course, but nonetheless. Tinder on the door ajar message does that match those already, ie that have chosen on each picture.
  • A dating site, it made a pre-selection (Wave) by region. Tinder is the geolocation in real time. Welcome to the future.

Tinder FAQ – what when and how?

Do you need a Facebook account to use tinder?

Yes, unfortunately you need a Facebook account to use tinder. This ensures that everyone also exists in real life of real people. Our use tinder without facebook gives you more information.
Tinder for free?

Initially tinder was completely free. Now tinder is paying in unlimited version and tinder Free premet you a limited daily use.

What if no one in your perimeter?

In the preferences you can increase the radius of operation of tinder increasing your chance of hitting someone. The algorithm works inconsistently, it is possible that there is someone with preferences 18 km but maybe there will be someone if you change your preferences at 7 km … best if you have no one is playing with these preferences. And if after four hours of intensive matchage you can not find anyone, it’s normal, it is perhaps time to return to real life and real people try later.

Is it possible to send a message with someone I did not match?

No it’s the same principle of tinder, we need a mutual like for someone to talk to.
What if I like a person by mistake? Or if I did not like a person?

Nothing, it’s over, go ahead. If you like by mistake you can always ignore or block later if there is match. If you do not like someone … it’s too late. If you really are at the bottom, you can always re-create an account BUT you will lose all your matches and there is only a small chance to recross on tinder … so “tinder on,” there’s nothing to see.

What do the white and not blue messages?

The messages were sent blues, whites are not sent. The tip of the day: there is no point in starting a long justification like “yeah but not the fact I had met you and blah blah …” The best thing is simply to return if it’s always sense in the context and move on front

The tinder moments, what is it?

It’s kind of facebook wall where you can share a dubious selfie with 158 games or post a picture of his dog … Not really sure of the deep end. And before posting a moment look good you are ok for all your matches to receive it … we would not want that a colleague or an old conquest way some things he should not.

How to Get More Matches on Tinder:

If it’s for one day, that’s normal. And if you are very selective, even normal: a match every man in general 20-200 like according to its requirements and its physical / Quality her profile (for quality read our 8 rules on tinder matcher). And if you’re in a very very remote area and you have only seen your cousins is even more normal.

If you are a woman very very attractive and you like everyone and nothing happens, it might be worthwhile to contact customer service …

How to turn a match on Tinder into a date:

Be aware that a match does not mean someone who will respond, much less to want to see you and much less to want to sleep with you … Very unofficial figures put forward by about a meeting from 20 to 50 games and a story that ends with something concrete (sex date, romance, love story, “we will meet again next week” …) all 5/10 encounters in real life. So yes it helps but it is only the first step.

How to use the Tinder app and dating site:

Tinder is an online application of blind-dating (read encounter blind), with a simple principle: to match people who appreciate, reducing the chances of rejection. You can just browse photos of people close to your location and choose the ones that appeal to you. If the person you have chosen will also appreciate you, then you are put in contact and can start chatting straight from the application.

Create an account

Download Tinder application. You can download Tinder from the Apple Store, Google Play Store or directly from the site Tinder. The application is free.

Connect with your Facebook account. Tinder requires a Facebook profile to create an account. Make sure that your Facebook profile is specific to your profile Tinder is also the. Tinder binds with friends of friends or with people close to your location.

You must have the latest version of the Facebook application on your device to use Tinder.

Update your Facebook profile. As Tinder Facebook uses your data, it is wise to update your basic public information and your profile pictures.

Another information extracted from the Facebook application contains your age, location, a brief description, your friends and your interests.
If your age is hidden on your Facebook profile, it will not appear on your profile Tinder.
Whatever images you want to use for your Facebook account, they must at least be visible to your friends.

Customize your profile

Choose good pictures. Your image is the first thing that other users will see Tinder, you should make sure you have 2 or 3 good images associated with your account. Make sure that the images are not blurred and you are the only person on them.

Avoid pictures of you with someone of the opposite sex, this may give the wrong impression to people viewing your profile.
Try to have at least a few pictures of you, preferably with different angles.
Use pictures to showcase your interests, such as a photo of hiking or a picture of you at the beach.
A picture of you with a dog can be very useful, especially if the dog is cute! [1]
Smile and be natural!

Tinder Edit your profile. Press “Text Edit” on the top right corner of the application. The next screen allows you to edit your photos, your brief description or tagline.

Try to adopt a short and sweet profile.
If you can not imagine a good profile, leave it blank. Most people simply look at the pictures anyway.

Manage your settings

Open the Settings menu. Press the top left corner to access the application menu. The menu options include profile, hospitality, messages, settings and invitations. Tap the Settings menu. This menu allows you to specify your preferred gender, your location for meetings and more.

Identify your genre. To find the best matches, you will need to specify your gender.

Set near your option. Set the distance prospecting used by the application. If you have trouble finding matches, try adjusting your proximity increasing the distance.

You must have GPS enabled on your device to use Tinder.

Define your preferred age bracket. Set the age limits, from the youngest to the oldest, you plan for your partner.

Identify your favorite genre. Choose man, woman or both, depending on your interest.

Change the notification settings. Enable or disable vibration option of your phone when the application sends you notifications. You will receive notifications when a match is established or when you receive a message.

Browse by prospects

Check out your first match. Tinder uses your search parameters to identify prospects for you. The Tinder home screen will show the image of the first perspective, age, profile and its general location.

Choose to keep or delete it. If you like the person well, drag to the right or press the icon heart. The message “Liked” will be stamped on the photo. If you do not like the person, slide left or tap the X icon and “NOPE” will be affixed.

You can not go to a person you have already rejected, so be careful when you drag!

Connect to your correspondence

Wait until a match occurs. If someone that you appreciate also chooses you, you can be satisfied! Tinder will send you a notification and you can get in touch with the person.

Sign in. For your exchanges, Tinder allows you to directly connect and communicate with them through the chat application function. Access Messages from the menu and select the person with whom you want to chat.

Send a strong message first. If you come in contact with the other person, be sure that your first message is friendly and confident without being scary. Avoid simply say “Hi”, but rather write something like “Hi, how’s your day? ”

If you’re a man, avoid using emoticons. Studies have shown that the use of emoticons by men results in fewer responses.

Have fun ! Be yourself and stay positive. Do not be scary or rude, even if the media protects you from physical impacts. Remember, there is a real human being on the other side of the application.

Do not wait too long to make your request to the other person. If you have talked to the person on Tinder for a while, go your way. She’s probably trying to chat with other users Tinder also, so you do not want to miss your opportunity.

Invite your friends

Invite people. Your options will expand when you add more people. Invite your friends and their friends to join. Press the “Invite” button menu.

Send messages from your phone. Tap the Chat icon to send an instant message to your friends using the IM function incorporated into your phone.

Send messages from your mail account. Tap the Mail icon to send emails to your friends using your own email account.

Post on Twitter. Tap the Twitter icon to post your invitations using your Twitter account.

You can download Tinder from their website from Google Play or from the Apple Store.
Avoid using Tinder when you go on vacation, because the application can back up specific games site, even back home